Discover the first BIOTECHNOLOGICAL Hubof the Indian Ocean
Towards a new economic pillar for Mauritius

BioPark Mauritius is the first hub of its kind in the Indian Ocean: a dedicated space to biotechnologies for Research and Development comprising a synergy of laboratories with complementary expertise.

This private-public partnership, fostering innovative companies as well as talented researchers and professionals, is creating the conditions to help Mauritius achieve its transition from manufacturing to a more intelligent economy.    

GML Life, established in 2011, is a GML Investissement Ltée subsidiary. The entity is a highend dedicated partner investing in companies valuing the industry of life sciences and biotechnologies. The investment portfolio of GML Life includes inter alia:   CIDP (Centre International de Développement Pharmaceutique), a Contract Research Organisation (CRO), focusing on research and clinical data management and development in the field of cosmetology. Proximed Ltd, involved in the distribution of medical and laboratory equipment. Quantilab Ltd, multidisciplinary laboratory providing equine, food and environmental analytical solutions.
4th floor, IBL House, Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, Mauritius
(+230) 211 1713
Tech off for a bright future   Give flight to your ideas with a bank that is as visionary as you. Driven by a passion for innovation since 1838, MCB has powered the advancement of individuals and businesses. We have been instrumental to the emergence of new sectors and their transformation into key economic pillars. From sugar to ICT via textile, seafood, freeport and tourism, we have helped power the progress of Mauritius. We are now focused on supporting your tech ideas through our team of experts and customisable plug and play solutions.   Leading bank in Mauritius and East Africa 1 million individual and corporate customers Largest market capitalisation (approximately US$ 1.6 billion) on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius 18,000 local and foreign shareholders Presence in ten countries, operations in over 30 African countries and a global network of 1,600 corresponding banks
Port Louis Mauritius
(+230) 202 5505
Discreetly. Efficiently. Seamlessly.   A mixed-use real estate development offering tailor-made amenities within an integrated lifestyle centre, Socota Phoenicia is a unique business location hosting a business park with prime office spaces, an international centre of excellence for life sciences, and commercial spaces. When fully completed, Socota Phoenicia will also include sports and entertainment centres, as well as a residential belt. Equipped with photovoltaic panels and rainwater collection systems, the site will maximise the use of renewable energy, while ample green spaces remain at the core of the old factory’s transformation.
Sayed Hossen Street, Phoenix, Mauritius
(+230) 427 6666
QuantiLAB Ltd is an ISO 17025-accredited, multi-disciplinary laboratory and inspection service provider. QuantiLAB is the proud successor to MTCL, founded in 1986 for the purpose of developing the field of forensic toxicology in equine sports. The laboratory consists of three technical departments namely Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Microbiology. Unique amongst its competitors, it offers a complete analytical solution due to its highly trained and experienced staff, as well as investing in cutting-edge, modern technology. QuantiLAB has recently evolved and diversified to offer services for food testing, environmental testing, pharma/cosmetic product testing and forensic toxicology.
Socota Phoenicia, Sayed Hossen Road, 73408 Phoenix, Republic of Mauritius
(+230) 4275807
IBL’s story goes back to the 19th Century. One of the main pillars of the Mauritian economy and with a deep-rooted culture of excellence, the Group plays a leading role in a variety of business sectors: Commerce, Engineering, Financial Services, Logistics, Aviation & Shipping, Retail, Seafood & Marine. IBL has more than 5,500 employees, represents more than 200  local and international brands and groups more than 100 companies. Its vision is “to be the Group that goes beyond boundaries to create value”.
IBL House, 5ème étage, Caudan
(+230) 203 2000
Centre International de Développement Pharmaceutique (CIDP) was founded in Mauritius in 2004. Composed of different clusters (Research & Innovation, Preclinical, Clinical, Biostats & Data and Regulatory Affairs), the CIDP Group is active in research and development in the following fields: pharmaceuticals, cosmetology and phytotherapy. As a private and independent Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with over 10 years of experience and 5 implantations worldwide, CIDP can undertake multi-centric trials with a rapid recruitment process in accordance with Good Clinical Practices and international standards.
BioPark Mauritius, Sayed Hossen Road, Phoenix, Mauritius
(+230) 401 2600
The Board of Investment (BOI) is the national investment promotion agency of the Government of Mauritius and it operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.   As the national investment promotions agency, the BOI is mandated to promote and facilitate foreign investment, both inwards and outwards. Heavily stressed upon by the government in our road to this new status, is the major need to embrace structural reforms. Through close collaboration with relevant government bodies, public institutions and the private sector at large, BOI fulfils its role which spans policy advocacy, the continual improvement of the business climate, as well as the competitiveness of Mauritius.
18 Jules Koening street, Port Louis, Mauritius
(+230) 203 3800
  • Clinical Research
  • Microbiology
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Marine Biology
  • Phytochemistry Research
  • Toxicology
  • In Vitro Science
  • Agricultural Development
  • Pharmacology
  • Epidemiology



TEL: (+230) 427 6666
FAX: (+230) 427 6667
With facilities covering an area of more than 10,000 m2 in the heart of the island, this modern architecture with secure building offers a unique expertise in the region.